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New Laundromat in Pompano Beach, FL (Palm Aire) Providing Self Service & Wash & Fold and Free Ozone Sanitization in Every Wash

If there is one thing we can all agree on, laundry takes too long to do at home! Our goal is to give that time back to you and your family, while providing a hassle-free experience and the cleanest laundry possible.

What Differentiates Our Service?

We’re working hard to ensure we are your laundromat of choice! We want to give you peace of mind knowing whether you choose self-service or full-service, your laundry has been completely sanitized using Ozone Infused Sanitizing Technology in our washers. This process kills 99% of viruses and bacteria and extends the life of your laundry. Our full-service customers will see our attention to detail in the laundering processes from start to finish. We encourage you customize your order and we’ll work to ensure your request are met.

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Ozone Sanitization - Experience the difference of laundering in Ozone.

  • Ozone kills 99% of viruses & bacteria.
  • Whether you wash it, or we wash it for you, our hospital-grade Ozone System sanitizes your clothes & the machine with every wash.
  • Ozone extends the life of clothes, removes hard-to-lift odors, and is Eco-Friendly

Our Laundromat Has You Covered

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Pick Up & Delivery

Servicing Pompano and the Surrounding areas. 

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Self Service

Our washers range from 20-80 lbs and dryers range from 30-75 lbs

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Wash and Fold

Let us do the work for you!

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Ozone Sanitization & Eco-Friendly

We’re committed to giving you the cleanest clothes and being eco-friendly

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Commercial Accounts

We work with all types of business

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Pricing & Payment

We have Competitive pricing and multiple ways to pay!

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